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What is a Celestial Priestess?

A woman who has chosen to fully embody her divine feminine nature. She doesn't compete with men because she knows that she has her own unique power which arises through surrender. She has healed the trauma from her womb space and as a living embodiment of shakti, she dances through life fearlessly empowered. She honors her innate wisdom and knows she is loved in creation. 

A Celestial Priestess knows that she is a magnetic magician and trusts that the love she offers the world will always flow back in abundance.


She is the current of the ocean, the phases of the moon, the stars in the sky, the flower that blooms.

An activated living temple, a bridge which receives heavenly codes to anchor into the earth plane. She is seen and respected for her trifold nature and gifts:

Sacred Sexuality (Maiden)

Shamanic Healing (Mother)

Intuitive Wisdom (Crone)

This essential archetype is awakening within many women on the planet. Perhaps you are one of them?

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