You may be curious about me or why I started this temple so let me explain...

I've been a spiritual teacher, author, astrologer and healer for many years. I've always known it was my purpose to help others awaken with my message. I reached millions of people with my YouTube transmissions and have worked with thousands personally through my spiritual courses, communities and healing sessions.

I had been ordained as a priestess years before, but I had never been taught that the original priestesses were also sacred prostitutes who helped men heal through sexual arts. I was unconsciously playing out this archetype without full awareness or respect for my gifts. Without awareness of my ability to transmute pain for men through my womb.

Through that pain I realized that women were trifold creatures with many gifts: sages, healers and tantric goddesses, portals to the divine. 

I went on a deep womb healing journey which changed my entire life and showed me the true meaning and magnetic power of being a woman.

I invite you into this awareness with humbleness and gratitude. 



I'm currently offering Sacred Astrology Readings here.

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