Sacred Astrology Readings with Christina Martine


During an Astrology Reading with me, first I will ask you for permission to tap into your guides for clear communication. Then for 1 Hour I will intuitively read your natal chart and explain what your planets, zodiac signs and houses mean for your alchemical soul template.

I see the natal chart as a map of the soul. Astrology is simply a language that I LOVE to read and share. By looking at what zodiac signs and houses your planets were in at the time of your birth, you can discern information about your personal destiny.


We Will Cover:

- past life incarnations

- your soul theme and mission

- your role on earth

- your strengths, weaknesses and hidden gifts

- your innate talents and wisdom

- your love life, health, wealth and career

- spiritual connections and starseed codes

I also focus on Lilith (your divine feminine power), Juno (twin flames) and Chiron (wounds and growth).











Make sure you know...

You can book your session through the Paypal buttons below. Once you've booked you will receive a confirmation email from me. Together we'll design a session that suits your needs and choose a time to connect through Zoom or Skype. 

*You will need your birth time, birthday and birth city to book an Astrology Reading.

There are no refunds, but rescheduling is fine. I will not wait more than 15 minutes for you to show up to our scheduled session.


Email to reschedule or with any questions.


I look forward to connecting soon!

<3 Christina

Check out this Client Review...


"I just had an Astrology Reading with Christina Martine and I just had to express how amazing I am feeling right now! I felt like she really took the time to go over every detail of my chart with me. I have a bad habit of rambling off and instead of getting annoyed with me, I felt like she really listened to what I had to say. The reading was stunningly accurate down to the tiniest details and I feel like there is an actual reason why I am who I am. I feel incredibly validated and understood. She is also just so darn nice to talk to! I felt very at ease and comfortable with her. She is clearly a great source of wisdom and insight, but she is also super chill and easy to get along with. She even went above and beyond and recommended other beneficial things for me to look into and just really went the extra mile. She helped inspire me to come face to face with my calling and empower me to go after it. I feel strong, capable, understood, and excited for my future. I highly recommend having a reading with her because she is so enlightening, accurate, and easy to connect with. It was an absolutely wonderful experience! Go to her! Go now! :D"


- Katie, USA, Scorpio 

Book below through Paypal!


1 Hour Healing or Astrology Session

When you book a session you will receive a confirmation email from Christina within 24 hours!


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