Priestess Path Four Course Bundle

Hello beautiful! I'm Christina Martine, spiritual teacher, astrologer and author. I'm so excited you're here!


























For all of October 2020, my birth month, I'm celebrating by offering my most popular digital courses as a Special Fall Bundle Pack! 

The divine feminine is RISING on the planet within everyone and I know if you're here you hear the gentle voice of the goddess urging you to tune in and listen. 

Maybe you're like me and going to the mind for answers just doesn't feel right anymore. The patriarchal system is dying and the rebirth of the goddess starts right here with you!

As a woman, it is your RIGHT to receive. It's just how your energetic system works. Constantly pushing and thinking causes your energy to stagnate and actually takes you away from your power!

You see... it's never about thinking your way into success. As a woman, you have the POWER to slow down and go inward. By tuning into your own energy and tuning yourself, you become a portal for heavenly light to flow. You begin to receive through your sacred womb space and Magnetize your desires by vibrating on the frequency of your truth. Life begins to move with ease... you can breathe again... and take action from a place of true strength.

If this sounds like some far off fantasy, I get it!!! We have bills to pay and mouths to feed. The world can seem chaotic but it's all about your perspective and yes, vibration! When you consciously choose to tune yourself like an instrument, your outer reality begins to shift. YES, you REALLY are this powerful and magical!


Your spiritual practice is exactly that... a practice! With even just a half hour of study time/day, you will begin to see results. My clients always tell me that my courses help awaken their innate gifts and make them feel GOOD!
























Here's What You Get:

Three Weeks of Creative Flow

Learn meditation, energy healing, vocal warmups, light language, trance channeling and intuitive drawing! This is a 3 Week Course where you'll learn to work with your inner energy. I share a sacred Qigong exercise to clear your ENTIRE energy body. The effect is just like going to a healer and spending hundreds of dollars. You will learn how to tune into your UNIQUE voice to heal yourself and others. Don't worry if you've never sung before. There are guided warmups and meditations to awaken the magic that's always been inside you. You'll be guided to the stars to meet your Celestial Guides and learn how to enter into a trance to do intuitive drawing. I love this course because it's like a reset button. If you're feeling off course, it will help tune your energy and remind you of the power that exists in your own heart! I think you'll love learning that you're much more gifted than you realize!

The Astro Mentorship Circle (3 weeks)

Learn basic, intermediate and advanced Astrology. We'll go into the ancient mythology surrounding the zodiac signs and planets and you'll get a step-by-step guided introduction to reading natal charts. You'll learn about transits, degrees, houses and everything you need to start reading. There's even some business advice included so you can add Astrology to your sacred work. I love this course because it shows me the bigger picture and reminds me that we truly did come to earth for a reason! I think you'll love learning and exploring all your hidden gifts and talents from previous lifetimes!

Tantric Magic (3 weeks)

Learn powerful mantra (sound healing), mudra (hand positions), yantra (sacred geometry) + tantra (energy healing) practices to invoke Laxshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Jupiter, God of Wealth and Growth. You'll also be learning how to tune into your sacred sexual energy so you can claim your power as a woman and learn to magnetize your desires freely! I love this course because it reminds me that our power as women comes from our womb, our subconscious, the spirit realm itself! I think you'll love how AMAZING you feel learning to harness and generate life energy to create! At the end of the day, we all want to FEEL good, and by taking the time to invest in yourself, you'll start to notice that true wealth comes from your health and ability to experience peace in the moment... ahhh... 

Magic School (7 weeks)

Learn ritual and ceremonial magic, meditation, trance channeling, celestial and earth magic, spirit communication + astrology. This is my most popular course of all time. You'll start off with guided meditation and energy healing practices, then learn how to safely enter into trances. What is magic? You'll be discovering the difference between conscious white magic and unconscious black magic. You will be building a sacred altar and learning about the elemental forces of creation. The elementals are very REAL forces we can align with to become Co-creators with the universe. After practicing ritual and ceremonial invocations you will be casting spells in sacred harmony with the rhythms of nature. I love this course because it is jam-packed with information that makes your life easier and more fun! I think you'll love discovering how to tune into your natural powers of manifestation and the joy that arises with the alignment of your Highest Self.




Who are these courses for? I work mostly with women but they are currently open to anyone over the age of 18 who feels called to practice.


What if my schedule is full? That's okay! These are digital courses that you can do at your own pace. You choose how much you want to learn each day. You get lifetime access to the courses so you never have to worry about time.

Are there refunds? No, not for this bundle.

How much is the bundle? $22usd


Why are you offering this bundle for so little? Because I want YOU to experience the benefits. I've sold my courses for thousands of dollars and have also given them away. The information contained in them is priceless but we all have to eat! I believe when you purchase tools to help you grow, you tell your subconscious that you really are WORTH it! You're investment in this bundle is an investment in your SOUL! Not bad for $22!

What if I've never done magic or don't know anything about astrology? That's perfectly fine! You can dive as deep as you want to with these courses and utilize them as a guide to explore your own consciousness and dive even deeper into your spiritual practice.

What if I'm already super spiritual and superstar starseed galactic shaman and I know my purpose? Awesome! A different perspective may be refreshing and inspiring! 

What do I actually receive when I make a purchase? 4 digital courses jammed packed with spiritual guidance, meditations, writing prompts and exercises to help you return to your natural sense of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE!

How do I sign up? You can get Instant Access right now to all 4 Courses by clicking the Paypal Button below. Once your purchase is complete, Christina will email you within 24 hours with links to your courses!

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Four Course Bundle


"Magic School was so fun! I liked the all in one aspect of starting with the basics of building our altars then advancing to invoking the elements and using magic to create our dream life. I learned about magic, the elements, and how our natal chart is a powerful tool to going deeper in understanding our selves. Magic school has opened my eyes to a new way to look at magic and appreciate that it is an extension of our divine selves. Christina Martine really cares about helping others manifest their own lives of abundance I am grateful for this course! I now have the tools to create my dream life!"

Thank you! 

xoxo Christina


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