Healing Sessions with Christina

Welcome! Thanks for dropping by. If you're here looking for spiritual guidance and intuitive healing, you've come to the right place! I'm currently offering 1 Hour Sessions via Zoom. Here's how they work:

First, we'll get to know each other. I'll ask you some simple questions and we'll set intentions. I'll connect to your guidance team to help me tune into your field. I'm what is known as an "empath" so even from a distance, I can feel your emotions. The more open you are, the easier my work will be.


We'll work on clearing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blockages with a variety of safe and easy exercises. Sometimes you'll be writing or doing guided energy healing work with me.


This service is not just counselling. Yes, I am here to hold space and listen to you with an open heart, but if you're not willing to do the work it takes to heal, you're not ready for a session. If you are ready, however, to have a compassionate guide who knows what's it like to deal with chronic illness and recover, I'm your girl!


After tuning into your energy field and reading your chakras, I'll determine if we need to go into deeper healing modalities, including my own 5D Healing, which is safe for anyone to use. I specialize in trance meditation and will help you safely travel into memories that may be causing you pain or stagnating your energy.


It's true we cause a lot of our own illnesses, but simply going to the mind to solve our problems won't ever work. Our thought patterns CHANGE when our vibration or energy changes. When we go to the energy body or spirit to heal, we see this reflected in our physical body too.

Why am I offering these Sessions?

I wasn't always bright and energetic. In my early twenties I was severely depressed with no healthy coping mechanisms. I was filled with shame which manifested as acne. To deal with my skin issues, I went to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics. They helped for a bit, but then my skin condition got worse, and most of the good bacteria in my gut was destroyed. This caused leaky gut syndrome, horrible acid reflux, vomiting, aches that would last for hours. I could hardly work and my skin condition kept getting worse. I knew I had to take healing into my own hands. 

I sought out holistic health practitioners, completely changed my diet, and started meditating more often. I had to face to hard truth that I was causing my own illness. Through feeding my body with nutritious food and learning how to release stagnant  energy blocks causing physical ailments, I began to heal. 

This sent me on a deep spiritual healing journey. I knew I had gone through all that pain in order to be able to relate and serve others. 

I'm trained in various shamanic and energy healing arts such as Qigong and Reiki but it's truly my experience that has been the best teacher.



The 5th Dimensional Healing I had done with Christina Martine was very healing, comforting and empowering. She really holds space for people to feel safe and comfortable so they can journey into places they never want to revisit again but want to be liberated from. She helped liberate me from my past conditioning and traumas. I was impressed how intuitively she was able adapt and cater to my needs when being in that vulnerable state. This healing method doesn't rely on you being in hypnosis or some unconscious state where you lack control or input. Instead it is a cooperative journey where you are aware of yourself and dive deep into your being. Christina acts as trustworthy guide, support and navigator to help you on your journey of self. Sometimes all we need is a helping hand and for someone to be present with us as we take steps towards our empowerment and freedom. Spiritually, financially, or otherwise. Having Christina with me to guide me through my healing journey was priceless!


Who are the sessions for and how do they work exactly? These sessions are for anyone looking for intuitive healing. Whether you're dealing with a physical ailment or an emotional or mental one, I'm here to serve as a guide and support. We talk with video through Zoom, which is a free app that you can download right now. Video is preferred so I can read your energy signature more easily and get to know you on a more personal level. All you'll need is a webcam and internet connection.

So I'll be healed after a session? That's not quite how healing works. I'm here to serve as a guide on your journey, but the healing has to come from within you. I can only point you in the right direction and offer my insights and light. If you're not ready to put in the work, you're not ready for a session. If you don't believe in spiritual healing, you're not ready for a session. If you are open-minded and looking for a deeper connection to your own spirit and ready to venture into your own consciousness, it's time to book!

Are there refunds? No. Honor your commitment to your healing journey. I won't wait for more than 15 minutes for you to arrive. If you need to reschedule, that's totally fine! Just email me at templeofthecelestialpriestess@gmail.com.

How many healing sessions have you done? Honestly, probably thousands at this point, from people all over the world, regardless of status, race, gender, etc. My doors are open to the people who need my insight.

How much are the sessions? Currently, as a lot of us are struggling because of the pandemic, my 1 Hour Sessions are $111usd.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session? Being in a relaxed state would help the healing process. Bring a glass of water, a journal and pen. If you're at home at your computer, get comfortable. Make sure you're warm and in a quiet place with no interruptions.

To book a Session with Christina, fill out the box below and she will respond within 24 Hours. Please share what current health issues you're going through and why you're interested in a session.

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