Goddess, we've been expecting you...


This training is now CLOSED! If you want to stay informed on when the next round will be, email Christina by clicking here.

If you're ready to start serving as a Priestess, it's time to claim your feminine magnetism and shine brighter than ever before! Your destiny awaits!

What is the Ordination Program?

A 3 Month Program designed to awaken you to your natural feminine magnetic gifts so you can step into your true role as a Priestess on Earth.

What is a Celestial Priestess?

A Priestess is a woman in her power who serves as a living temple of light. A Celestial priestess may have had previous incarnations as a Priestess on Earth or in alternate realms. She may feel connected to a certain planet or star and be a channel for galactic codes. It may be a part of her mission to help ground higher dimensional information.

She is an empowered, awake woman!

She trusts in her innate intuitive gifts and may choose to specialize in one or more that come naturally to her.


She accepts her trifold nature and gifts:


Maiden (sacred sexuality): The Maiden is the childlike aspect of the Priestess. When wounded, there is shame around sexual desire which turns into deviance and abuse from others. When healed, erotic innocence arises. The Priestess knows she is worthy of pleasure and feels joy upon receiving it.


Mother (shamanic healing): The Mother is the nurturing aspect that exists within the Priestess and all women. When wounded, there is the desire to heal others, especially men, without proper boundaries. The Mother ends up drained with nothing to offer herself. When healed, the Priestess offers her natural healing gifts to those who are ready to receive them.


Crone (intuitive wisdom): The Crone is the wise sage aspect of the Priestess who has lived many lifetimes and has gleaned much knowledge. When wounded, the Priestess doesn't trust in her intuition and instead goes to the mind to solve her problems. When healed, the Priestess flows with her intuition and feels into the truth. She receives guidance from the universe and knows that her wisdom is powerful and worthy of respect.

These aspects are in all women. If you're reading this and resonating, it just means you're ready to claim your power!

Art by John William Waterhouse

How Does the Program Work?

Each week on Saturdays at Noon Pacific you and your sisters will meet together for 1 Hour through the free app Zoom for a video call with Christina Martine.  You will guided through Meditations and Activations and at the end of 3 months you will be an Ordained Celestial Priestess.

What Will You Be Learning?

Week 1: Your Feminine Power

- Introductions

- Priestesses of the Past

- Yoni Healing and Massage

- Womb Healing

Week 2: Honor Your Cycle and

Tune in with Tantra

- The Power of your Moon Time

- Tantric Massage

- Tantric Breathing to Release Trauma

- Awakening Your Kundalini Shakti Energy

- Balancing the Feminine and Masculine

Week 3: The Power of Your Voice

- Healing with Sound

- Psychic Surgery

- Chakra Tuning

- Light Language

- The Vibration of Abundance

Week 4: The Elemental Forces of Creation

- Working with the Elements

-Creating a Magick Altar

- Invoking the Elements Ritually and Ceremonially

- Dream Sigil and Spells

Week 5: Use Astrology to Align with Your Soul

- Reading Your Natal Chart

- Planetary Channelling

- Sacred Marriage Ceremony

- Exploring the Dark Goddess Lilith

- Your Divine Feminine and Masculine

Week 6: The Shamanic State of Consciousness

- Dancing Your Power Animals

- Power Animals and Spirit Messengers

- Devic Realm Guided Meditation

- Pleiadian Meditation to Manifest Dream Life

- Working with Angels and Fairies

Week 7: Goddess Invocations

- Artemis the Maiden Guided Meditation

- Isis the Mother Guided Meditation

- Guanyin the Crone Guided Meditation

- Preparation for Ordination Ceremony

Week 8: Celestial Priestess Ordination

Weeks 9 - 12 will consist of each Ordained Priestess sharing their chosen gift along with open chat and support from Christina.

Meet Your Teacher


Hello Beautiful! I'm Christina Martine, a Spiritual Teacher, Astrologer, Author, and Healer. I've reached over 1 million viewers through my YouTube Transmissions and have served thousands of clients through private sessions and courses. My message is simple: You have the power to heal and awaken to your natural state of enlightenment. After being in many abusive relationships, I woke up to my true mission as a Priestess and started serving women all over the world. Read more about my healing journey by heading here. I'm so excited to meet you!


Who is the Ordination for?

Any woman looking to claim her power over the age of 18.

How much is the program and what do I receive?

The entire 3-week program is $900usd. Along with weekly support from Christina, you get access to a private Facebook Community with your other Sisters where you'll make lifelong friendships!

What if I can't make all the meetings or I don't have enough time to keep up?

You are expected to be present at the live meetings but if there is an emergency that's okay, each class is recorded so you can watch later. There will be about 1 Hour of practice for you to do during a week. If you don't think you can keep up with that, you may not be ready for the program.

Are there refunds and what about a payment plan?

No, there are no refunds but yes, there is a payment plan of $300/month for 3 months. 

Okay, this is almost too good to be true... 3 Months of weekly coaching and then I'm a Priestess?

Yes! I'm making my material available to more people. You still have to put in the work and show up to the live events to be Ordained.

Fair enough, how do I sign up?


This training is now CLOSED! If you want to stay informed on when the next round will be, email Christina by clicking here.


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